Finally! A Weight Loss Exercise DVD for Back Pain Sufferers

Introducing a 30 minute safe and quick exercise routine for people who suffer with back pain and want to lose weight!!


Why you should read this if you have back pain and are overweight!

Dear Friend,

Let me share my story with you.  I have been a Chiropractor for over 10 years now and I practice with my husband who is a  Personal Fitness Trainer. We share a facility together in Livermore since we refer back and forth so much. The benefits we’ve seen with people who strengthen their bodies and get relief with  back pain has been marvelous.

This year I decided to check off one of my ‘to-do’s’ which was getting my Personal Training Certification. I figured since it was a brand new year and I have always been so focused on fitness and health with my patients, I might as well get the little letters next to my D.C.  So I got certified by ACE and it was a mind and life-changing experience for me. Because of what I learned along with my expertise with the spine, I along with my husband’s creative nature to develop exercises, decided to help more people by developing an exercise routine for people who want to lose weight and who suffer with back pain.

We put our heads together by addressing the following:

The exercises had to  address the spine including:

    • disc injuries,
    • achy back muscles,
    • pinched nerves and
    • spinal structure

I wanted to make sure that the exercises were safe enough for a person who has back pain or arthritis along with moves that would actually HELP strengthen a ‘bad back’. 

 Don has always focused on total body strengthening and weight loss exercises where he will put routines together that not only     

                        Bring the heart rate up but, 

                        The routines will invole muscle strengthening for total body conditioning and toning.
Several weeks of working through different exercises together our routines were born!  Since then, we have put together three 30 minute exercise routines specifically for those who have weight to lose and have back pain.                       


This is not a regular exercise DVD that is made for anyone and everyone who is already in perfect shape and/or has no back concerns! It is something we find very special to address the needs of the people who want to get into better shape and are not sure what they should do that is safe and probably don’t have enough time and/or money to hire a personal trainer to accomplish their goals.

There is no equipment involved except your own body, a pillow and maybe a chair (end of a couch is ok too) and it only takes 30 minutes or less.

We believe this exercise video is something that is LIFE CHANGING for the person who is going to commit to doing the routine 3-4 days per week and eat healthier. 

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Why you want this DVD:

Some of the benefits include:

           ü  Alleviates back pain
ü  Takes the fear out of exercise

ü  Doesn’t take long to do (30 minutes or less)

ü  Easy to follow along at home            

ü  No equipment required

ü  Helps to strengthen a weak lower back         
ü  Burns calories and FAT            

Increases flexibility and vitality

ü  Increases oxygen into the body and ENERGY            
ü  Tones and strengthens the entire body            

Helps to make you feel better overall

Achieve better health

Of course I know this sounds too easy and too good to be true so don't just take our word for it. Here are a few real comments from patients/clients who have tried the program:

"I have to say I was skeptical because I have purchased several DVD's over the last few years looking to lose weight and only found myself feeling more back pain and the DVDs collecting dust.  After I tried the routine, I immediately knew it was different. I felt like I had my doctor and fitness coach helping me through the workout and I completed the routine with no increase in pain. It was easy in fact!  I felt better and as I continued to progress throught the three routines, I lost 10lbs in 8 weeks and feel so much better!" 
-Gale S. Temecula, CA

"I've been a client of Don's and a patient of Dr. Anita's for some time and I know these two are credible and more than capable of producing results. I worked with both of them after I had back surgery on a disc in my lumbar spine. I gained more than 20 lbs during recovery. Working with Don and Dr. Anita had allowed me to lose the weight, gain strength and get rid of pain significantly. Their videos are a true extension of their expertise and creativity.  If you are not sure of where to turn, then I recomend trying their exercise program. If you do them, it WILL make a difference in your life."        
-John B. Livermore, CA

"So how much does this cost to improve your health, lose fat, feel better and strengthen your body?"
You could hire a personal trainer and for twice per month expect to pay at least $600 per month. Not to mention to see a doctor or physical therapist monthly even without medical insurance can run co-payments up to $100/month. 

The good news is that we wanted to make this affordable for anyone so we could help more people beyond our four walls in Livermore.  So your total investment for the DVD is only $29.95.  That's less than a one month's gym membership without the hassles.  You won't have to drive anywhere, deal with crowds, fight for equipment or pay for a personal trainer.  Plus, we are offering special bonuses and a guarantee (tell you about that below).

What's the CATCH?  Why is this program SO AFFORDABLE?
There really is NO catch. After helping thousands of patients and see their lives transform, it is our mission to help more and honestly, we can't do it just by running our facility. There aren't enough hours in the day to see as many people as we would like.  Also with the growing rates of back pain and obesity in America, we feel it's our responsibility to help more people beyond face-to-face interaction.  That is why we are committed to this exercise DVD and will continue to produce more routines to help more people with their ailments and take the fear out of exercising.  Motion is life! That is what we practice and hope these exercise DVD's will empower more people to feel the same way.

FREE Bonus for Ordering Today:
When you order your DVD today, you will get full access our MEMBERS ONLY site for 1 month.  No strings attached. You can cancel anytime. This membership has helped thousands of our patients get in touch with us on a regular basis. With this membership you will receive:

  • New exercises to add to your program 
  • free diet plans and recipes
  • Advice on weight loss and offer
  • Tips and suggestions that are helpful for weight loss and back strengthening.

It is our way of being able to coach you and answer your questions without paying the price our patients and clients have to pay.  Normally, this membership is a $39.95 monthly fee but as ordering the DVD you will get this at NO COST for the first 30 days. 

We believe in treating people the way we want to be treated.  So if you purchase this DVD and try it out and aren't happy with it, simply send it back within 90 days for a FULL refund (minus the shipping and tax).  We aren't worried about giving out too many of these refunds so that is why we want you to feel comfortable in making this small investment into your health and wellbeing.


We are confident that these exercise routines will improve your health, help you slim down, strengthen your back and entire body .  You won't be able to make excuses in finding the time or the money to live healthier. 

Sending you much happiness and health!

Dr. Anita Haque, D.C., ACE Certified and Don Parker, ACE and AFFA Certified

        Order the DVD now to improve your health, fitness and body!

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